6 Website Building Tips

By | October 8, 2020

Every business needs a website, including your franchise. With a website, you are amongst the competition and have the opportunity to get your name out there faster and to a larger audience. Your website is often the first source and sometimes only source of contact for customers. Without it, you lose business and money. But do not toss together a website simply to create a website. Make the website stand out and represent your company in the best light with the six tips below.

1.    Don’t Forget SEO: Search Engine Optimization helps more people find your website based on their searches and the products that you offer. SEO is imperative to every business looking for success.

2.    Name is Important: Your website domain name should be easy to remember and not confusing. When possible, include the business name as well.

3.    Blog About It: The benefits of blogging are substantial. You improve your SEO so more people notice your company. You also help identify yourself as an expert, build a personal connection to customers and clients, and help sell your products.

4.    Easy, Breezy Does It: A website should be easy to navigate. Quick page turns are important. Avoid pop-ups which customers often find annoying. Make sure your website is easy to navigate so customers find exactly what they want.

websites for franchises

5.    Hire a Pro: The best tip to a business owner looking to build websites for franchises is to leave the job to a pro. They’re out there for a reason and can ensure a professionally-designed website that gets the best information to your customers.

6.    Updates: If you do not regularly update your website, customers do not have a reason to return. Do not make this mistake and offer new, exciting information on a regular basis, even if it is merely a new blog post.